CVF/FCV Convention 2016

Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Club welcomes Volkssporters to the CVF/FCV Convention and AGM, 2016 at the Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley B.C.

Thursday May 26th-Sunday May 29th

Langley’s Coast Hotel, situated in downtown Langley City, will be the centre for all convention activities including the AGM.

There is a Starbucks in the lobby for the early risers. The Buffet Restaurant is at the entrance to the Casino. At the back of the Casino is the Match Eatery & Public House where you can have an informal gathering after the Thursday, May 26th evening group walks.  All hotels have free parking.

The Thursday group walks, President’s walk and Convention walk will start near the fountain (in the photo below) located in front of the hotel  parking lot. Our President’s pin, a “native designed Eagle”, celebrates the beauty of the Fraser River Valley and honours the majestic bald eagle and the cycle of the wild salmon. The Convention Pin is a “native designed horse” to celebrate Langley as the horse capital of BC. The Township of Langley has a population of 7000 horses.

The convention motto is “See BC” and the logo is a  hummingbird. We encourage you to enjoy walks on your journey through BC, from the east, west, north or from the south.

The Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Club is looking forward to hosting this convention and creating walks for you to explore in Langley City, Township of Langley and Surrey.


The CVF Convention of 2016 will be hosted from Thursday May 26th to Sunday May 29th in Langley's Coast Hotel and Convention Centre.


Please contact us regarding sponsorship opportunities.

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